Submission Guidelines

  1. In response to primary focus of upcoming edition of हाकारा । hākārā, we welcome contributions that take on new and innovative forms and new ideas not previously analyzed or that extend beyond an older conversation in the field of creative expression and/or enquiry.
  2. हाकारा | hākārā is a peer-reviewed journal. Being an online journal, we accept only electronic submissions.
  3. The written work has to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (as .doc and Not PDF or any other format), and be double-spaced text in 12 pt Times New Roman font as an attachment. For the text in Marathi, please follow Unicode format. If contributor wants to maintain certain style in presenting work, please inform Hakara Editors while submitting the work.
  4. For visual work submission, image size has to be 150 or more resolution. Please share details of art works including title, medium, size and year. In case, images included do not belong to the contributor, contributor should provide source of images.
  5. Please don’t send video files to be included in the submitted narrative. We can provide links to the video work uploaded on Vimeo, YouTube or other platforms that can be openly accessed.   
  6. We require a title page with contributor’s contact information, a short abstract and an contributor’s bio as part of the submission process.
  7. Submission must not be previously published nor should they be submitted for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by हाकारा । hākārā’s Editorial Board or outside reviewers.
  8. For the submission of research articles, please follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) style. The contributors are requested to verify facts, names of people, places, and dates, and double-check all direct quotations and entries, images in the Works Cited list.
  9. We request the contributor to obtain permission for illustrations, images from the concerned to be used in submission. Also, translators submitting their work should seek necessary permission from original writer/publisher if the work will be accepted by  हाकारा । hākārā for the publication.
  10. Contributors would hear from हाकारा । hākārā team in a month after the submission regarding the decision on consideration of the work.
  11. For accepted contributions, हाकारा । hākārā Editors would be happy to work with contributors, if required, in finalising the work before its publication.
  12. Copyright remains with the contributor. However, if work on हाकारा । hākārā has been published elsewhere again in print or electronic format, we request the acknowledgement stating that the work was first published in हाकारा । hākārā: an online bilingual journal of creative expression published in English and Marathi. Visit
  13. At this stage, हाकारा । hākārā cannot pay contributors. But, we are seeking financial support that may help us pay our contributors in future.






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