Before I Loose Them Forever

Before I Loose Them Forever

A set of 9 etchings, about things I use every day,

objects in my surroundings.

They are things 

Things I use everyday  

They occupy the space I live in 

I make a series 

Repetitive yet individual

Their dimension, portraiture 

They are what they are, hanging. 

Want to frame them before I loose them forever…


The work Album is an artist book, with a set of 8 Etchings,

bonded together in an album .

The work attempts to recall memories of people, spaces,

experiences and conversations .

Flipping through the pages, is an experience of re-living those moments. 

As in the lines of  ‘Sheshlekha’ by Rabindranath Tagore.

‘If i can once again 

I shall find that chair 

in whose embrace remains 

the loving message of a distant land’

Snehal Goyal is a Pune based visual artist. Taking print making as her focal point, she goes beyond its traditional form to also include different media in her work. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.



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