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Nature Diary



Now. Simple it may sound but how complex it is. We may think of Now as a point in the linear course of time. However, the question would emerge if we can truly separate it from our past or our future. I would rather look at it as the essence of Time in constant motion as the imprint of the Past and the seed of the Future.

So does the Nature Diary Series represents the essence of my time spent in various spaces. On the one hand, these books and objects, whose pages are made of hand-made recycled paper, reflect on the local environment, as they are made of local paper waste and have either locally grown plants imprinted on or locally collected seeds hidden in them.

On the other hand, these objects are also the materialization of past, present and future. The imprints are mementos of the evanescent past, while the seeds carry the possibilities of future. Now can be found in both: in between and beyond.


Eva Bubla is a Hungarian artist, activist and educator. Her works are strongly connected to the environment and the community, and reflect on the identity, role and condition of Nature in various culture and social practices.

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