Urban Farm 

Chetan Mevada

People are surrounded by structural patterns in this world. One observes that patterns are everywhere: in daily act of life, in the physical world, and also, in man-made things. Structural patterns are a combination of lines, space, form, and color but it could also be in the form of a human body, man-made objects or aerial view of nature and urban landscape. The repetitive nature of these patterns creates a psychological as well as an aesthetic experience.

Fascinated by the architectural forms and decorative patterns, I began to incorporate them in my art practice. Repetitive patterns and geometric patterns come together in my work while building interior and exterior spaces with different perspectives. I use animal figure as a metaphor for everyday human actions. The build forms are overlaid with the animal body forms showing their internal structures and anatomical patterns.

These compositions with paper cuttings create a complex optic experience of the cosmos. The flat surface layered with these paper cuttings creates an illusion of multiple dimensions on the single plane. Every element is overlapped and it creates visual challenge in the blank space and the white lines in my drawings attract viewer’s attention. Though this interest in patterns has developed unconsciously, my attempt is to convert patterns into a visual language through observation and conscious act of depiction.

Chetan Mevada is a visual artist based in Baroda. He has completed his BVA (Painting) and MVA (Printmaking) from Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University, Baroda.




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