Ashutosh Potdar has been teaching English and Indian Literature, Drama and Theatre studies, Creative Writing at graduate and post-graduate levels for more than fifteen years. He has published his research work on drama and literature in English and Marathi in various journals and presented papers in national and international conferences. He travels extensively to deliver lectures on literature, theatre and cultural practices.

Ashutosh Potdar has one-act and full-length plays, poems, short fiction and scholarly essays in Marathi and English to his credit. Two collections of his four plays are published by Watermark Publication. His plays are being performed through national and international festivals like Bharat Ranga Mahotsav, NSD, New Delhi, Prithvi Theatre, International Theatre Festival of Kerala, and different other venues in India. He is the recipient of a number of awards such as Maharashtra Foundation Award, Aswaghosh Award given by Bodhi Natya Parishad, Best Play-writing award given by Natya Parishad and Ram Ganesh Gadkari Award given by Government of Maharashtra. He has also translated plays and essays from English to Marathi. Currently, Ashutosh has been working as Associate Professor of Literature and Drama at FLAME University, Pune, (India).


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