Thought Casts

This is a group of seven casts of my everyday body vocabulary. These casts are the beginning of a gesture bank. The attempt is to make tangible fleeting expressions from everyday conversations. Clay captures the smallest imprints from my body. It becomes the retainer of a moment, a thought, a memory. When handled by someone other than myself there is a transfer of energy and knowledge from the maker to the viewer. It is the sharing/surrendering of a private moment and place to another. It becomes interesting to see how the object ‘fits’ or does not fit the viewer.

Photo Credit : Baneen Mirza and Neha Kudchadkar

Neha Kudchadkar is a visual and performing artist currently based in Mumbai. Neha is founder, director of beej, a performing arts initiative in Mumbai.



6 comments on “Thought Casts

  1. Malavika Jha

    This is such an innovative idea of expressing thoughts, emotions….

  2. Mumbai Paused


  3. Sameer Gorde

    This is very sensitive expression of the Artist .Beautiful work.

  4. Anupam Saikia

    nice work, strong visual

  5. Abhishek

    Amazing imagination and execution!!! Too good… Loved it!!!


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