Sukanya Garg

Unfreedom and Other Poems




Are we free?
Un-freed you are from the
Physicality of your escape,
Bound I remain to the
Inertia of my immobility.
Are you free?
Am I free?
Freedom itself, is it free?
Then again,
Freedom, is it freeing?


At Home

With stomachs full
But hearts that hunger for more,
Thoughts running wild
Like uncut grass
On the landscape of unyielding dreams,
This hunger does not
Churn in my body
But shoots out
Like a wild flower
Stranded alone amongst the weeds
I roam about,
I have lost my way home,
The one I do not want to remember,
I hunger for a new one, still
I hunger
I hunger
Starved I am
Of this feeling of
Being home. 


Black Innocence

Nicotine stained lips
Breathing out the vacuum
That’s been kissed down deep
The smoke
From the ashes
Of my innocence
That bled a savage red
Is black now.


Image Courtesy: Sukanya Garg


Sukanya Garg is an artist and writer based in New Delhi. She has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Duke University, USA.


6 comments on “Unfreedom and Other Poems: Sukanya Garg

  1. Noopur

    Every poem touches the soul and hits a chord.. Beautiful depiction of pain and love and life.. My absolute favourite, always.. Much more power to this beautiful artist and poetess – Ms Sukanya Garg..

    Love n light!

    • Sukanya Garg

      Thankyou 🙂

  2. Dr Pinky Tripathi

    Wonderful pearls of words in the form of your own expression… kudos

  3. Crystal

    Wow. Just wowwww

  4. Sukanya Garg

    Thankyou so much everyone…


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