Sarita Chouhan

When Dots Sparkle



Lines delicate and flowing


Meeting at points

Then moving again

Nothing is random.

In the map of memory

Join the dots

Some dots sparkle

Connections appear…

Stories told, untold

Imaginary, real

Clear or blurred.

Stories are many

Some are said

Not in many words

Just in a word, perhaps

Some unsaid


Sparkle like stars in the sky…

Lines delicately entwined now

Now they are separate.

A moment that looked still

Earth was breathing silently

Lines were intersecting,

Like melted wire disappearing

Stars exploding and dying

New formations, new cells growing

In a still moment of thoughtlessness

In a still moment of so many thoughts


When lines intersect

Some dots sparkle…



Sarita Chouhan is artist working in varied mediums like drawings, paintings, photography and installation. She has participated in several national and international residencies and exhibitions.



One comment on “When Dots Sparkle: Sarita Chouhan

  1. Sanghmitra

    Beautiful! The words seem to be conversing with the dots!!


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