राजश्री गांधी

काही तुकडे



शेवटी शेजा-यांना मागितलं
मिस्टर मिसेसनी
एक पॅकेट निरोध



बाळाच्या आठवणीत
आजी बसली हॉलात
कार्टून नेटवर्क लाऊन



पप्पांनि राणीच्या ज्योमेटरी बॉक्सातून
राउंडर चोरलं
ट्यालकमच्या डबीत छिद्र कारायले





dwarf planets and moons
are posing in their orbits
now that NASA is on instagram


moving heat

i often feel like tea sold on trains:
particularly imperfect,
but eager to travel away from my maker


geography lesson

love her like a child loves sand
a child who has grown up
in a land-locked state

Rajashree Gandhi is a writer keen to explore multiple forms, moods, and languages. She also conducts writing and creativity workshops with children across cities.


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