Nilanjana Nandy

Grid of Chaos



I have been drawing on graph paper for quite some time now. On one hand, drawing with and within the grid; following its rules has almost been like negotiating with a limitation, self-imposed though. On the other hand, the same grid becomes a site for exploring possibilities of spaces within.

In the storyboard for this narrative, a set of eleven drawings on graph paper (22” X 30” each), a story of human chaos is built, through a typical story-boarding process. Each image takes the narrative to another story adding to the both: existing sequence and chaos. Not only the visual narrative but also the ways of rendering is instrumental in the building of the chaos. As I built a story of chaos, the drawing process involving the grid and the story boarding became time consuming and required a kind of meditative attention.

For me, the square notebook works like the playing field for recollecting and reflecting. At one level, it is extremely personal through the interface of the inside and the outside. But at another level, it is clinical as it requires the scheme/order of execution in place. While both create chaotic mental spaces, the overall structure of encountering could be orderly. However, there is no fixed rule of encountering a viewer may enter from anywhere. Some may prefer to flip through casually. Or, someone may open a page in one of the notebooks and connect it to any page in the other notebook left open by the previous users. So chances and accidents lead to an ambiguity between the two entities.


Nilanjana Nandy is an artist and art educator. She has a MA (Painting) from Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU, Baroda. She is the recipient of a number of scholarships and residency awards. Her work was presented in Sarai Reader 09, Bartered Collections, and Land Natural Gendered.


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  1. Vasvi

    very interesting drawings, Nilanjana.


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