Memory II

Anuj Deshpande is a writer, translator and actively engaged in theatre activities in Pune.

Anupam Barve is a filmmaker and film educator based in Pune. His films are shown at film festivals and competitions worldwide.

Avijna Bhattacharya is an art writer and curator. She is currently involved with Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi as the associate curator.

Chinmay Patankar is a copywriter an advertising firm. He has worked Maharashtra Times as a reporter for six years. He has written the story of Marathi film, Rangaa Patangaa.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-84) was a well-known Urdu poet known for his ghazals and nazm. He was a prominent political voice of Pakistani poetry.

Janette Ayachi is a Scottish-Algerian poet living in Edinburgh. She has been published in over sixty literary journals and anthologies, including New Writing Scotland: Gutter, The Istanbul Review, Magma, Oxford Poetry, Be the First to Like This: New Scottish Poetry (Vagabond Voices, 2014), Out There: Anthology of LGBT Writers (Freight, Glasgow, 2014) and The Best British Poetry 2015 (Salt).

K.B Singh was born in Lahore city, Pakistan in 1933. Subsequently he had to leave Lahore and migrated to Ludhiana. In 1960 he joined the Punjab Public Service Commission as a research officer where he served for the governments of Punjab and Haryana from 1961 to 1991. He is currently retired and lives in Pune.

Madhavan. P is the director and founder of Asia Photography Archive (APA), a not-for-profit pioneering initiative to preserve the photographic heritage of India and Asia.

Maya Dodd is K.B. Singh’s niece and currently teaches Literary and Cultural Studies in Pune. Most recently she was the Chair of the department of Humanities at FLAME University.     

Nevin Thomas is a full-time sports journalist with the Hindu group of publications. When not working, he is mostly taking photographs, and eagerly exploring the potential of new media for story-telling.

Nidhi Kalra is a researcher and her interests include Holocaust studies, trauma studies, children’s and adolescent literature, fantasy, as well as Modern and Victorian Literatures. She teaches at FLAME University, Pune.

Niranjan Pedanekar is a scientist by profession. He writes, translates poetry, and actively engaged in theatre. 

Prasad Sandbhor is game designer and he works in Bangalore. He writes for young readers.

Sharmila Phadke is an independent writer, journalist and art critic based in Mumbai. Her interests include research and documentation of modern and contemporary Indian art and artists. 

Shweta Ghosh is a National Award winning documentary filmmaker and researcher from India. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. (by practice) in Film at the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading, U.K. Her films have been screened in film festivals across India and abroad, and used for training, research and advocacy.

Sneha Raghavan is a researcher at Asia Art Archive and is based in New Delhi. She has a PhD in Cultural Studies from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

Snehal Goyal is a Pune based visual artist. Taking print making as her focal point, she goes beyond its traditional form to also include different media in her work.  She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.

Sucheta Khallal is a Nanded (Maharashtra) based Education Development Officer. She has published three collections of poetry and is recipient of literary awards for her writing.

Swapnil Shelke is computer engineer. But, he teaches History and Political Science. He has published his poetry and articles in various journals in Marathi.

Teja Gavankar is a visual artist. She has received  ‘Inlaks  Shivdasani  Foundation’  supporting  International  (India-­‐ Quebec) Residency  at  ‘The  Darling  Foundry’,  Montreal,  Canada. She has shown her work in several group shows.

Uttam Ghosh is an illustrator, cartoonist, photographer and a designer. He works with

Vimal Chandra Pandey is a journalist and an important Hindi writer. He has published short collection Mastulon Ke Irdgeerd and Dar and a novel, Bhale Dinon Ki Baat Thi. Also, he is a film critic.

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