Absence of evidence

Krishnal Fulwala

“In my work I incorporate architectural structures, layering the paper in relation to how a structure is constructed. I formulate a relationship between the elements inside a structure and the ones surrounding it. The mystery behind the structural elements – simple linear frames – which gradually result in complex architecture results in a sense of curiosity. 

Most of my works are mere drawings, which can also be labelled as diagrams. I appoint the technique of “mark-making” by which I mean various types of lines overlaid on a particular portion of an existing drawing. At times I employ a number of layers of drawings on each other which creates a mysterious effect as felt on observing a fresco, in which the transparency of one drawing reveals the other underneath.”

Krishnal Fulwala is pursuing MVA in Painting from M. S. University, Baroda. He was awarded Narseen Mohamedi scholarship in 2015-16.


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