Hetal Chudasama

A Sentence Overwhelmed



A Sentence Overwhelmed

Formless words spilt
In Microsoft word, a sentence
Recurring occurrences
Assaulted by the under-line red

Cruelly crimsoned crawled..

Crawled.. Crawled.. Crawled..

Over the carpet
Through the floor and walls,
Up, up, up to the ceiling
How sizably synonymous,
A thousand ants scattered in chaos.

End of the organised parade
Stumbling at one another

Tracking the oblique course.

Find… find… find the full stop –

No mode,
No shrug,

Off they perish… into the thin air
Such coarse departure  
Un-filmed, unseen aperture
As stark as … what?
Circumscribed outside the time

So, I primed myself
To face the final game
The time…the time
The wicked, crooked, jealous, fanciful, merciless
Time marked a cross on my back

Once open a time,
A man,
His head full of tales
Vanished into hollow dark lanes.        



Down – down – down
Down to the core of the earth.
I sink- I STINK
Weight of the wait
A daily renewal
Carrying a mysterious loss
With each miscarriage 
Hanging and swaying
To and fro
Up and around 
Do not disappoint.
Full of fool
Who, fool- fool- fool
Don’t tread on those lakes,
They swilled out   –    their own pools,
Oh, the Algae rules
The bottom feeders
My closest companions.
Such appropriate ground
I belong
I flourish
To fool the green bloom
In blind solidarity
In to the heart of triviality

I suck, 

Yes, I suck
My own thirsty throat.
A taste of a rotting life,
Relentless urge
Prosperity: only if the mother grants
A distant site.
A cruel tide, making
The throat to swell,
Abdomen to churn

Curse to the curse
play the play.
Cautious now,
The sea is watching:

– But, I don’t belong to coastal plains.
– I never allowed a sea or the sun to bathe me on the beach.
– He guards…. Oh dear, look at his guards
– Over the blasphemy.
– The blasphemy… such argentous Tsunami
– I’m bigger than god
– I want to be bigger than god I shall be bigger than god.

Cool – cool – cool
Your tie is the right tool.
Right above all
In the continental hotel,
I was told:
Some people inherently possess 
A remote control.

Image Courtesy: Hetal Chudasama

Hetal Chudasama is a visual artist, poet and short story writer.



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