Danielle Zorbas

ants in the legs


‘ants in the legs’ (2016, HD video, 41 mins) is an absurdist alien pop image agency of decentered fiction-science, “healthy lifestyle choice” scenarios abstracting the mimetic data economy spectacle.

A person will go a way down the road to fetch water from the running stream and find an iphone sitting on a rock. She will pick it up, recognising it as hers, put it in her pocket and fill the large water bottle, lifting it up above her head to carry home. Along her way back she will see an eagle in the tree above which louder than a whisper, tells her that he had lost some feathers overnight and asked if she may help out. She didn’t quite know what to say but after a moment, will point the way just east of the afternoon sun and as she turned back, her skirt swished in the breeze. The bird will chirp and seem to then find something to eat, chewing with its beak loudly like a hippopotamus.

Suddenly the woman will feel like picking up her pace, and she makes a song to go with her steps, it goes, ‘the sleeping tree knows the algorithm, and so can predict the next few scenes of the movie, which is much bigger than us’, delivered in a falsetto trill. She feels like some Chinese food so she will go to the corner restaurant, sitting the water bottle down on the chair next to her. Out the window to the street, people were selling fruit and vegetables and hazelnuts, steam coming from the burner.

She tasted the noodles and they are delicious. She is reading some anarchist poetry from the 80s written by a woman from her hood and she likes some of it. And the way the young girl bashed at the pavement with her hammer all masked up in the haze with her friends that night, the sting. She thinks about the weather, how nice it is to talk about with someone close, and accelerationism as a blind excuse with eyes wide open, wondering about speed and distance diagrams as her feet tap under the table and the kids of the restauranteur hide and seek among the tables.

And she had thought about the length of a wave and a wire. Her international drivers licence. And how her hand was pressed against his so warm electric under the pillow the night before, in a dream except that it wasn’t, and how it was impossible to wake from, to sleep as the door blew open, leaves across the floor. The best and worst of you and me, and of charity. Her toenails needed clipping.

She drew an abstract image in her book and could tell that it meant nothing, there was no symbolism for today. She called it ‘παπαρούνα’ (poppy), then decides to play a game with herself, about superstition. Dedicated to some of her friends. If she sees a man walking past wearing a red tshirt, she will in her mind change it to pink and then feign surprise, just like the grinning cat at the door is actually really her depressed neighbour, he hasn’t slept for weeks because he’s been thinking about his love the rat who lives around the corner. And when her eyes want to go that way, she darts them away to the other side to see what’s happening and when she thought she knew what was happening she is changing the story up to be something else.

Seahorses bounce around in her mind as she will continue home, past the bazaar with dusty rock n roll records, dolls, ancient paintings, typewriters, Ray Bans, rusty knives, pastel wallpapers. Her skirt, swaying around her ankles a little in slow motion and her shoulder a bit sore now. Past the park, she considered that in all, she felt really calm and it wasn’t difficult to not feel stressed about things. The food in her belly sat nicely. She had stopped using google translate a while ago which she felt, had made her ears become sharper more like a mountain hound. Someone is watching her from across the park, and how are they considering her. Not in a very self-involved way, they would other things in their mind at the same time, as did she and the park was busy with many points of interest. And not imaging them to be stalkerish, just figures in a frame of view. Maybe sitting down at a computer at the café, liking videos on YouTube.

She thought to say to them let me show you how sane I am, as the group moving past laugh heartily. He wondered if he liked the taste of his cigarette. She reaches home and places the water container down by the door. She puts on a record, relaxes back in the chair and mouths the singers ugly funny mouth in drawl and swagger, something important and also just floating around. She thought about that air her mind was in, and how it was transporting around the universe. She pulled the iphone out from her pocket and thought about the events she may be missing out on by not having a charged battery and she feels content. She had just enjoyed the events of the day and she is getting up from her chair to dance.

Danielle Zorbas is an artist working with cinema and poetry. She currently lives in Athens, Greece.

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