Beyond Illness (2016)

Noopur loves to contemplate and daydream and, sometimes, she writes on contemporary art practices. Her other interest is making photographic records of her surroundings with her camera and cellphone. Noopur was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, a couple of years back and has completely recovered from it since then. Recently, she decided to revisit the spaces with her camera where she inhabited during her long treatment.


Special thanks: Dr. Sameer Melinkeri, Dr. Abbas Chopadawala, Dr. Anant Phadke, Dr. S.T Pardeshi.
Medical, para-medical and administrative staff of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Poona Hospital and Research Centre and Dr. Kotnis Arogya Kendra, Pune.


3 comments on “Beyond Illness

  1. Tejal Kanitkar

    It is indeed brave of you Noopur to revisit these places and relive what I am sure was a most difficult time… the sequencing of the images is perfect! the essay conveys a journey from a sense of forbodding and a fear of the unknown to pain and uncertainty to waiting and hoping to believing and refamiliarising to getting out and freedom! love you so much!!!

  2. Joseph Melville Pinto

    My dear Noopur,

    Thank U for this precious insight. Keep the courage to continue to write and make public your feelings and thoughts about a private time in your life.

    I had a heart attack on 2 September 2006. Eleven later, I have not yet been able to write about “the day I nearly died”.

    I have spoken about with family, friends, colleagues and even students. But I have not yet found the courage inside me to write, though writing is a way of life for me since 1983.

    Thank U again, my dear Noopur. My respects to your parents.

    Peace and love — Joseph M. Pinto.

  3. Parag Tandel

    You know I use to hate you a lot when you use come to Avneet’s studio and have lunch and you all use talk so much and It was disturbing an irritating 😠 , especially ‘Sardarji’ his 😂 which was big as Punjab. I was always thinking how to kick you all out of my studio which was opposite to Avneet’s studio. Later now I think 🤔 You ppl enjoyed so much and I was always working all time and use hate everyone but loved to work on my sculpture.
    When I saw your short hair I felt really bad and I thought 💭 may be you have gone through chemotherapy but was not sure 🤔 so I asked some one may be Amrita/xxxx And I felt really bad.

    Later I got to know you recovered, I am so proud you recovered, but I still hate you!! Thank you for coming back…… because I have to hate somebody that is you…


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